The Hencidai Tavern at the Lebuj-band

Come and visit the Hencidai Tavern located at the outskirts of Bodrogkeresztúr, at the Lebuj-bend, right where Road 37 and the River Bodrog meet.  The tavern, with its terrace facing the river, can be accessed directly from the main road.  Nestled under lush trees and only a few steps from the Bodrog, the Hencidai offers a quiet respite for the weary traveller.  Canoes and small boats use the tavern’s own floating dock for boarding as ell as to make a last stop to get refreshments for their crews before reaching the town of Tokaj, only 5 kilometres down the river.  

The Hencidai Tavern is an ideal place for an outdoors party with friends

We serve sausages, hot sandwiches, snacks, cold drinks, ice cream, beer and


Call in advance and we will prepare your favourite meal.

Visit us and take a relaxing break at the Hencidai Tavern.